Board of Directors

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Gus Lescault


Valerie Villeneuve

Director South East
Director South East, NCHA Secretary, Convenor U9 and U18

Andre Leduc

Director at Large East
Director at Large East, Convenor U15, Web Site Admin

Jake Jouppi

Director - South West / Treasurer & U11 Convenor
Director South West , Treasurer & U11 Convenor

Chatham Martin

Director - North East
Director North East , U9 &U18 Convenor

Michelle Vaters

Vice President
Director At Large West, U13 Convenor

Mitch Loiselle

2nd Vice President
2nd Vice ,Discipline Chair,Coaching Selection Chair

Mary Ellen Parks & Monique Franson

Book-keeper/ Registrar

Book-keeper/ Registrar

For Mary Ellen :
For Monique :

Dan Cacciotti

Ice Convenor

Yves Gervais

Director at Large - West
Director at Large – West, Convenor U9 and U16