Nickel City Board of Directors is in need of volunteers

Posted by NCHA on Oct 14 2022 at 09:01AM PDT

Hi everyone , to follow up on our Managers and coaches meeting .Nickel City Board of Directors is in need of volunteers. We have 2 vacant Director positions along with portfolio positions such as Secretary , Treasurer and convenorships . We are a small committed board of directors but are starting to find ourselves spread thin. If managers and coaches can canvas parents and staff if anyone is interested. I have attached brief descriptions that come directly from our constitution .We thank you all for your support and value how much time you already donate to our association, reaching out to parents an even maybe retired persons in the community who have a background in hockey who would like to get involved would be amazing .

Valerie Villeneuve,
NCHA, First Vice President

The document Positions.docx was attached to this post.


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