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2018-2019 Registration, Tryout Schedule and FAQs

Registration Now Open

Use this Online Registration Form to register your child for the upcoming 2018-2019 hockey season.

Tryout Schedule

View the Tryout Schedule PDF (Rev 1)

* Please note that Final decisions on Team models will only be made during the A tryouts. These decisions will be made based on the number of players remaining after AA teams are formed. We will take into consideration the number of Major and Minor aged players as well as where they reside. Please be patient while this process takes place.
- Tryout committee

Tryout FAQs

    • Q: This is the first year of trying out for NCHA Rep hockey, do I need a release from my home house league association before trying out?
    • A: Yes you do. It is usually obtained from the association president. We usually have them at the tryout sign in tables for Sudbury associations, if provided to us by them.
    • Q: Can I go straight to Sudbury/Copper Cliff tryouts without going to NCHA tryouts, while living in the NCHA district.
    • A: No you can’t. You must first tryout for an NCHA team and then be released by that team. AAA releases will only be provided once a player does not make a NCHA AAA team. Where AAA hockey is available with SMHA, those wishing to tryout will require a release. Should these players not be offered a spot on a SMHA club, they will need to return to NCHA AA tryouts. Players not making a NCHA AA will have to attend A team tryouts. If a player does not make a NCHA A team, (upon request) they will be provided a release, if there is an A hockey team available with SMHA. The NCHA would have to provide you with a release. Email request to:
    • Q: My child played NCHA Rep hockey last year, do I need a release from my home house league association?
    • A: No you don’t.
    • Q: My child played NCHA Rep hockey last year, do I need to register them for tryouts?
    • A: Yes you do.
    • Q: I registered my child for AAA tryouts and he did not make the team. Do I need a register him again for AA or A?
    • A: No you don’t, he will remain in our system.
    • Q: My child wants to tryout for a junior team. What is required?
    • A: You require a Minor to Junior Permission to Skate form. You can obtain more than one if trying out for more than one team.
    • Q: What day and time do we attend?
    • A: Watch the website, the schedule will be posted when ready.
    • Q: Will the NCHA field midget teams?
    • A: We will hold “skates” to gauge interest. Both major and minor players are welcome. Teams might comprise AA and A major and/or minor.
    • Q: Do SMHA players trying out for for the Minor Midget AAA and Major Bantam AAA teams require release and where do they register?
    • A: Yes they require releases from SMHA and they need to register on the NCHA website.
    • Q: What is the fee for tryouts?
    • A: There will be no fee for tryouts. Tryout costs will be included in an increased association fee for 2018/2019.
    • Q: What are the expected costs to play on a NCHA A team?
    • A: With association fees, you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $2,500.
    • Q: What are the expected financial commitment if we make a NCHA team?
    • A: Players offered a spot on a team will be required to make a $1,000 deposit right after tryouts.

NCHA Now Accepting Coaching Applications for the 2018-2019 Hockey Season

Coach Application Deadline is March 15, 2018

Download the 2018-2019 Coaching Application Form

Please forward all applications to

NOHA Respect in Sport for Parents

Details can be found at the NOHA Respect in Sport for Parents website.

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